A Pittsburgh Solution

As fourth generation Pittsburghers, we are proud of our city and want to continue doing everything we can to keep it prosperous and vibrant for all citizens.

In Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood, we at Pennley Park South are in the midst of building East Liberty Marketplace — a mixed-use development on the site of the Penn Plaza Apartments, a worn-out 50-year-old rental complex built back in the 1960s. In the aggregate, these types of urban redevelopment projects create jobs, increase public safety, generate more tax dollars, and contribute to our shared well-being in the city we love; all good things we can all agree on.

We are proud our project is privately funded.

We also recognize these positive changes come with very real and tough issues for some residents who live in these neighborhoods — rents increase and affordable housing options become more challenging. This isn’t just a “Pittsburgh Problem” but one confronting cities across the country.

That’s why we’re proud to be part of a very “Pittsburgh Solution” collaboratively developed with the Penn Plaza Tenant Council and the City of Pittsburgh. It’s a public-private action plan backed by real dollars that appropriately meets the needs of our current tenants while offering a mechanism for affordable housing options in the East End in the future.

Our Community Commitments

  • We have assisted over 200 Penn Plaza tenants, and paid nearly $400,000 in relocation expenses.
  • We have phased site development for 18 months in order to provide on-going housing for nearly 100 residents and have renovated units to meet the needs of those most at-risk.
  • Through our collaborative efforts, we have established the Affordable Housing Fund, devoted to affordable housing and small businesses.
  • We will contribute 50 percent of our tax increment to the Affordable Housing Fund. This commitment will provide millions of dollars over a 10-year period. We are the first and only developer in Pittsburgh who has made this commitment.
  • We have committed to paying prevailing wage and to optimize Minority/Women Owned Business participation on the project.

I also want to thank the Gumbergs for coming to the table and working with us to reach an agreement that works for all. It truly sets a precedent not only for us residents but for future development as well.

Lillian Grate

President, Penn Plaza Tenant Council

This is the type of cooperation we need going forward. Thank you, Mayor Peduto, and thank you to the Gumbergs for setting a precedent.

Ed Gainey

State Representative, Pennsylvania

The Gumbergs have started a model for the entire East Liberty area.

Carmen Brown

Lincoln-Lemington Community Consensus Group

We are so pleased to collaborate with these and so many other talented community and government leaders. Read what others are saying from the City of Pittsburgh’s press release (below), from which these quotes originated.